Issue 1/2018

Keeping it simple

Welcome to my blog!

Some background: I used to run an independent economic research firm, Pixelics, but recently accepted a role at the Department of Treasury in Western Australia. Running both at the same time - and avoiding conflicts - took up too much time, so I decided it was best for all involved to close Pixelics down.

In its place I created EconByte, a rebranded revival of my former blog, Dismal Musings, itself a domain I previously used for a node. I plan to write on a wide range of subjects, basically anything that I find interesting to which I can add my two cents.

For the technically inclined, this website is entirely open source, has no database and is compiled with Jekyll, a Ruby-based static site generator. It uses a modified version of Monochrome, a mobile-first minimalist Jekyll theme.

Why Jekyll? Having run my former business on CraftCMS I really wanted something a bit simpler to update, so of course it had to be a static, database- and bloat-free content management system (looking at you, WordPress). That left Jekyll, Hugo and Pelican, with my decision made purely on the fact that Jekyll plays best with GitHub, which is where this site is hosted free of charge.

New posts will appear directly on this website. If you would rather receive updates via email, I have a free newsletter. If you prefer using a reader, there’s also an Atomfeed.

That’s all for now. Once I’ve ironed out all of the kinks (I’ve never used Jekyll before) I plan to post about once a week.

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Keeping it simple was compiled by Dr Justin Pyvis. Feel free to send feedback, suggestions for future issues, ideas, insults, or pretty much anything that crosses your mind to his Keybase chat.