EconByte provides analysis of technology and other topical issues through the lens of economics. The website’s name is the combination of ‘Economics’ and ‘Byte’, as in the group of eight binary bits.

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About the author

My name is Justin Pyvis, I hold a PhD in Economics and currently work at the Department of Treasury in Western Australia. I’ve previously worked at AECOM and more recently as an economist with Asianomics based in Hong Kong. Opinions expressed on these pages do not necessarily reflect the views of the WA Treasury.

Technology has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember (I coded my first website in the late 1990s while in high school), and I recently dabbled with my own data-focused startup. However, I quickly realised that my competitive advantage is in economics rather than coding, so EconByte is essentially my attempt to mesh the two together. Let’s see how it goes!

For the technically inclined

This website is open source, has no database and is compiled with Jekyll, a Ruby-based static site generator. It uses a modified version of Monochrome, a mobile-first minimalist Jekyll theme.

Why Jekyll? Having run my previous website on the full-featured CraftCMS I really wanted something low maintenance, so of course it had to be a static, database- and bloat-free content management system (basically, the opposite of WordPress). That left Jekyll, Hugo and Pelican, with my decision made purely on the fact that Jekyll plays best with GitHub, which is where this site is hosted.