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Issue 119

Facebook is not a monopolist

Before we get into the latest example of overlawyering in the US, some housekeeping: this will be the last ever EconByte newsletter. I'm going to archive a static version of the website but there will be no new content or… Read on →

Delivered on 05 July 2021. About a 3 min read.

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Issue 118

Tether as a disruptor

Eric Rosengren, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, last week singled out Tether – a so-called stablecoin pegged 1:1 to the US dollar – as posing "financial stability challenges": The reason I talked about Tether and stablecoins is if… Read on →

Delivered on 28 June 2021. About a 2 min read.

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Issue 117

FBI plot hatched over beers

Over 800 suspected criminals were arrested across the world earlier this month "after being tricked into using an FBI-run encrypted messaging app". The plot was concocted back in 2018 while Australian authorities and the FBI were knocking back a few… Read on →

Delivered on 21 June 2021. About a 3 min read.

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Issue 116

Regulating crypto

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision is gearing up to regulate banks that hold cryptocurrency, as "the growth of crypto assets and related services has the potential to raise financial stability concerns and increase risks faced by banks". Unfortunately its… Read on →

Delivered on 14 June 2021. About a 3 min read.

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Issue 115

A big success

The Australian government's attack dog has given itself a big pat on the back for successfully shaking down Google and Facebook with its News Media and Digital Platforms Mandatory Bargaining Code: Rod Sims, chair of the Australian Competition and Consumer… Read on →

Delivered on 08 June 2021. About a 3 min read.