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Issue 85

Don't use TikTok

By now you have probably heard that the Indian government decided to ban TikTok, WeChat and 57 other Chinese apps. Officially, the decision is due to the apps engaging in activities that threatened "national security and defence of India, which… Read on →

Delivered on 06 July 2020. About a 3 min read.

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Issue 84

Yale on Facebook's dominance

Imagine a dominant company with 75% market share that it achieved only by "misleading consumers and buying up rivals". Then, because of "network effects", it has become nearly impossible for any other company to overcome its lead. It "can collect… Read on →

Delivered on 29 June 2020. About a 4 min read.

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Issue 83

How not to make a contact tracing app

Attention governments that built coronavirus tracing apps using a centralised model: apologise to taxpayers, toss the code and start over with a decentralised framework (Apple and Google literally provided one for free) or go back to relying solely on manual… Read on →

Delivered on 23 June 2020. About a 6 min read.

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Issue 82

Censoring social media

No one in the United States appears to be happy with social media lately, other than the millions of people voluntarily using them every day. Both sides of politics are gearing up to pass or remove laws which will effectively… Read on →

Delivered on 15 June 2020. About a 4 min read.

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Issue 81

Breaking up Google

Apparently there's a push within the ranks of US Attorneys General to break up Google, specifically its advertising business: Fifty attorneys general have been probing Google’s business practices for months, alongside a similar probe being led by the U.… Read on →

Delivered on 08 June 2020. About a 3 min read.