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Issue 5

Social media

Social media has copped a bit of flack in recent times. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was dragged before Congress to testify about privacy, data mining, regulations and the whole Cambridge Analytica controversy. More recently, Facebook revealed that about 30 million… Read on →

Delivered on 12 October 2018. About a 4 min read.

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Issue 4

The 4 day work week

The concept of a 4 day work week has been gaining steam of late. For example, German workers recently won the right to work a 4 day week if they so choose. Anecdotally, I’ve been noticing articles about it… Read on →

Delivered on 06 October 2018. About a 2 min read.

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Issue 3

Daylight savings time

This weekend much of Australia’s Eastern seaboard will switch to daylight savings time (DST). Being in Western Australia where it is not practiced (it was defeated in a compulsory 2009 referendum), the only annoyance is making sure I’m… Read on →

Delivered on 05 October 2018. About a 1 min read.

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Issue 2

Creative destruction and the NBN

One of my many concerns about Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN) was the toll it would take on future innovation and competition. A legislated monopoly, entrepreneurs would be forbidden from competing with it, eliminating potential consumer benefits before they… Read on →

Delivered on 04 October 2018. About a 1 min read.

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Issue 1

Keeping it simple

Welcome to my blog! Some background: I used to run an independent economic research firm, Pixelics, but recently accepted a role at the Department of Treasury in Western Australia. Running both at the same time - and avoiding conflicts -… Read on →

Delivered on 03 October 2018. About a 1 min read.