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Justin Pyvis

PhD economist, part-time coder/designer/tech enthusiast.

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Taking a break

With the Western Australian Budget and Mid-year update back-to-back this year due to COVID-19, my time is going to become increasingly limited over the next few months. Unfortunately, that means I've decided to take a break from the weekly newsletter… Read on →

Delivered on 10 August 2020. About a 1 min read.

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Issue 89

Congress' Big Tech Bluster

Last week the heads of every Big Tech company - Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google - appeared before Congress to defend themselves against possible antitrust action. Long story short, despite ample evidence being tabled (1.3 million documents!) and 217… Read on →

Delivered on 04 August 2020. About a 6 min read.

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Issue 88

The latest AI hype: GPT-3

I say this a lot but the term artificial intelligence (AI) is designed to mislead. What people call AI is really just human-calibrated algorithms scanning enormous datasets for the most appropriate response. It's great for certain things - such as… Read on →

Delivered on 28 July 2020. About a 4 min read.

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Issue 87

Treading water until November

If you don't think China knows how US-style 'capitalism' works, think again: [TikTok], which one year ago had virtually no lobbying presence in the nation’s capital, has hired a small army of more than 35 lobbyists to work on… Read on →

Delivered on 21 July 2020. About a 6 min read.

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Issue 86

Virus tracing apps are malware

Virus tracking apps are all the rage. Or at least they were, until global governments almost unilaterally messed up the delivery. It turns out they are - almost without exception - awful in terms of data privacy and security. Unfortunately… Read on →

Delivered on 13 July 2020. About a 3 min read.