Issue 44

Trump goes all-in

As I mentioned last week, I'm in the process of moving so there will be no feature article this week. Still, enjoy The bits.


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The bits

Trump goes all-in

The  US applied a 10% tariff to all of its remaining Chinese imports, set  for 1 September. The fallout from this dispute is only going to  intensify from here. A US recession in 2020 is looking more likely by  the day as Trump erodes what is left of this expansion at the same time  as the stimulus from his tax cuts wears off.

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George Orwell was too early

I  still wouldn't install one of these things in my house. Voluntary  surveillance / free training for their AI algorithms; no thank you. Oh  and hot air balloons and more facial recognition? What could possibly go  wrong...

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Apple is in trouble

Apple's  pivot into services is not going according to plan. Let's face it,  iPhones are overpriced for what they are and Apple hasn't reacted fast  enough to the competition. It's going to be an uphill battle from here,  and the escalation of the US/China trade dispute will not help.

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Other bits of interest

Image of the week

The  latest tranche of tariffs in the United States' drawn-out trade dispute  with China means tariffs will now cover virtually all of their  bilateral trade. The latest tax will mostly hit consumer goods (look  out, Apple), so despite the lower rate should be felt harder in the US  than the previous rounds.

This week's data breaches

Every  week there are dozens of -reported- data breaches, usually where data  were not encrypted. There are troves and troves of data on drives all  over the world that hackers have been unable to decrypt.

Now  imagine a world where encrypted data are backdoored, then that backdoor  gets discovered. That's the world that US Attorney General William Barr  wants to create.

The breaches:

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